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  • HK$2,674.00 - HK$4,768.00

Delight in a world of exquisite hand-woven rugs from Nepal made with organic yarns such as soya-bean, agave, cactus, silk, hemp and nettle, yak, linen, banana, bamboo, cashmere and wool. These beautiful fibres come in a whole range of textural variations, adding depth and dynamism to any interior. Eco yarns derived from totally sustainable and renewable sources are hand-woven into rugs and fabrics. Faux supports rural communities such as the Nepali Women's Cooperative Society Ltd. a program that helps to alleviate poverty through skills training and by providing employment. Faux also offers a whole slew of Abaca rugs, a natural fibre from the Philippines that comes in an array of weaves, patterns and colourways.

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