Konstantin Bessmertny is one of the most distinguished artists working in Asia today. His technical mastery, achieved after seven years of studying Fine Art in the grand academies of the former soviet union, combined with his detailed knowledge on a wide-range of subjects including literature, music, history and politics, lend to his work an intelligence and a credibility that is rarely witnessed in contemporary art. Konstantin Bessmertny’s work is utterly unique, employing humour and candour in depictions so subtle and gentle that they require revisiting time and time again to uncover all that they have to offer. Never formulaic or predictable, Bessmertny uses his work as a means of exploring and experimenting with new ideas, finding inspiration in the bizarrest of places and creating work that continues to challenge and excite preconceived notions.

The Seven Deadly Sins Limited Edition

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The Seven Deadly Sins Plates (Set of 8)


The seven Deadly Sins is a grouping and classification of Vices of Christian origin in the 4th Century by ascetic monk and theologian Evagrius Ponticus. Widely iterated by the Catholic Church, they becane prevalent in art and literature in sermons like "The Parsons Tale" from Chaucer's Canterbury Tales and artworks like Dante's Peter Brueghel the Elder's prints. Here, we have Bessmertny's playful an dwry interpretation of "Pride", "Greed", "Lust", "Envy", "Gluttony, "Wrath", and "Sloth", on stunning dinner plate designs, which are sure to become a talking point around your dining table. 

Artists' Editions at Faux

Artist: Konstantin Bessmertny

Faux collaborates with artists, designers and photographers worldwide to create original, limited edition homeware and lifestyle collections as functional art. Artists' Editions at Faux five artists opportunities to explore mediums not traditionally associated with their work and exposes them to a wider audience worldwide.

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