Faux are delighted to present the ‘Mehndi Collection’ a series of 4 fine bone china plates designed by artist, Riya Chandirami.

These beautiful Mehndi inspired dinner plate designs are based on the elements: ‘Earth’ and ‘Fire’ in palettes of gold, and ‘Water’ and ‘Air’ in platinum. They are perfect for festive celebrations and gatherings.

About Riya Chandiramani

Born and raised in Hong Kong, Riya Chandiramani has a strong connection to her Indian heritage, which is distinctly evident throughout her work. Expressing her creativity from a young age, Riya recognised art as a language as a mode of communicating, whether about her identity, visions, or insights on the world and its people. Completing her studies in communications and fine art at the University of Pennsylvania, Riya is also designing and illustrating children’s books.

‘Mehndi Collection’ Dinner Plates

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