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At faux, our unique collection of beautiful rugs are made from a whole range of natural materi including wool, silk, cowhides, exotic wild game from Africa, as well as eco fur such as possum, goat, alpaca and sheepskin. And now, we have developed a whole line of organic rugs made with sustainable and renewable materials from Nepal, including bamboo, hemp, nettle, linen, cactus, soya bean and banana to name a few. Original and distinctive, and made with the finest quality with attention to detail, we hope our rugs will be cherished forever. Each rug is entirely handmade, using the finest natural yarns, by craftsmen whose age-old traditions have been passed down by generations. We combine this fine workmanship with talented artists and designers to generate wonderful results. They know how to combine modern design flair with traditional techniques. Together we create rugs that we believe to be precious, unique and to have long-lasting value.


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