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'Peonies' by Mariko Jesse

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'Peonies' by Mariko Jesse

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6 x 9ft

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We design original art based products and homeware by taking the finest materials nature has to offer, combining them with original designs and exceptional craftsmanship.

Hung Keung Artists' Rug-02

HK$36,000.00 -50% HK$18,000.00

The rug design is based on a video installation of swirling Chinese calligraphy by the artist.Hong Kong media artist HUNG Keung has been involved in the creative and research aspects of film, video and new media art internationally since 1995. He focuses on exploring human limitations, through interactive and moving digital images the artist ventures into extending these limitations with technology. In his latest installations and performances, Hung Keung further enquires on the intricate relationship between the viewers and these moving images. His works create a dynamic dialogue between time and space, viewers, and the artist's experimentation with new media art. This design captures the installation and freezes it in a moment in time.For more pricing and further information please send us your inquiry: Custom Order

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