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Lucas Grogan Limited Edition Medium Bowl

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Lucas Grogan Limited Edition Medium Bowl

HK$1,300.00 -HK$1,300.00
Dimensions (in cm)
Width: 28.00
Height: 13.00

Limited Edition Medium Bowl byLucas Grogan Lucas Grogan lives and works in Melbourne. He began exhibiting in 2005 and since that time has had a meteoric rise to prominence. Essentially a textile artist who also employs drawing, Grogan uses line and pattern in the absence of color, often pairing his unique graphic style with an acerbic wit. His pithy phrases and vignettes of everyday life simultaneously make acute observations while finding connections across a broad spectrum of experiences. His work has appeared in numerous art and design publications and he has undertaken a number of large-scale wall commissions such as the façade of MoVida in Hosier Lane in Melbourne. Grogan's work is found in the collections of Deutsche Bank, Wesfarmers, David Walsh, Artbank,, Newcastle Region and Art Gallery and numerous important private collections.


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James Gordon Limited Edition Medium Bowl

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Limited Edition Medium Bowl byJames Gordon As one of Australia's most sought-after and creative personalities, James Gordon works across a range of artistic forms, including graphic design, retail design, photographic styling and the fine arts. Gordon's delicate water colours and paper sculptures are often his most celebrated and intimate creative output, revealing his flair for transforming the everyday and his exquisite eye for detail. Gordon has regularly exhibited his popular water colours, paper sculptures and painted objects in Sydney and Melbourne since the early eighties. Gordon's illustration work has been published in a range of leading international magazines and a children's book. Other highlights of his multifaceted career include design work for the  successful Sydney 2000 Olympic Games bid, a continuing creative collaboration with Collette Dinnigan, and creating Vogue launch events in Asia. Gordon's sensational vision for huge scale events, right down to the finest detail (often crafted by his own hand), have also led to his event styling and direction for weddings and other private occasions commissioned for projects by Baz Luhrman, the Murdochs, Toni Collette and Catherine Martin to name but a few.

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Limited Edition Medium Bowl byBelinda Fox  Known for her breathtaking landscapes and for being one of the most exciting printmakers working in the region today, Belinda Fox moved from her native Melbourne to Singapore in 2012. Since then, her art practice has flourished and she is now represented in Sydney, Melbourne as well as Singapore and Hong Kong. "My work has always been influenced by travel, mainly in Asia - I find it very inspirational to be out of my comfort zone.” "I have always used lotus flowers in my work – they have a special resonance for me. The lotus flower is a symbol of hope, being something beautiful that rises from the muddy water below and in Indian culture it can also mean transition, which is quite apt for what's been happening in my own life.

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Limited Edition Medium Bowl byMarc Standing Born in Zimbabwe, spending many years in Sydney and now based in Hong Kong, Standing's iconic and haunting paintings have developed along a complex path of progression. Driven by an innate compulsion to paint, Standing explores tension felt by a personal search for identity, embodied by complexities felt by a mass consciousness – one, which has been left with toxic traces of colonialism. Standing's works have been shown extensively throughout Australia and have also been included in prominent Australian art prizes, as well as a commission work for The Groucho Club in London, a nominee for the Sovereign Asian Art Prize, and acquired by Artbank in Australia. His work has also been exhibited in New York, London, Holland, Hong Kong, South Africa and Zimbabwe.

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