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Hides are very easily cared for. Soap and water on a sponge will cover most problems. Steam cleaning your cowhide also works well.

Mongolian Fur (Shag Pile)

The best way to clean a Mongolian Fur rug AKA shag pile is to shake it clean, rather than getting it wet, since it is wool. If it flattens out, shaking is the best way to get it fluffy again. If it really needs to be washed, do it by hand and don't use any detergent. They can also be professionally dry-cleaned.

Alpaca and Possum

Care instructions:

We recommend the following method to clean and freshen our Alpaca rugs:

1. Lightly cover the entire piece with pure cornstarch or baby powder. 
2. Hang it outside for a couple of hours, preferably in the sun. 
3. Brush thoroughly with any type of hair brush until the powder is totally absorbed. 
4. Shake thoroughly, If necessary, repeat the process and your piece will be totally revitalized.

DO NOT LAUNDER UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES. Any spill should be immediately covered with some type of household powder (salt, baking soda, flour, etc.) to absorb the spill. After it is dry, simply follow the instructions above and it will be as good as new.

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