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These vibrant east-meets-west cups are perfect for drinking espresso or tea.

‘Zodiac Series’

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Zodiac Series Tea Towel-Rooster


About Eleanor McCollEleanor McColl is a multi-disciplinary artist based in Hong Kong. Drawn to the dramatic palate of dilapidation, refurbishment and renewal, her cityscapes explore the interface between Hong Kong's unique verticality and it's impact on its people. McColl studied Fine Art at U.W.E Bristol, in England and came to Hong Kong in 1999 to pursue her career as an artist and art educator. These beautiful collectible artists designed fine bone china East-Meets-West Zodiac Cups in 12 extraordinary designs by Eleanor McColl are the perfect unique gifts for family and friends. Discover your future with your chinese zodiac sign or simply choose the animal you desire. Great for espresso and tea drinkers alike, these cups are a must have festive celebrations such as Chinese New Year. Available in an array of vibrant colours.

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