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Wilson Shieh Limited Edition Dinner Plates - Set of 4


A boxed set of 4 fine bone china sinner plates by Wilson Shieh (edition of 50)

Wilson Shieh paints and draws in the gongbi, or fine-line, style of Ming dynasty painters of the seventeenth century, but his subject matter is expressed in a contemporary and humourous fashion, which is often wry and satirical. There is a timeless quality to Shieh’s images that seems to spring from another age and it is one that he suggests is intentional. Yet, simultaneously, he conforms to some extent with the tradition upon which he draws. He has an international reputation, winning the Philippe Charriol Foundation Art Competition in painting in 1997, the Prize of Excellence at the Hong Kong Art Biennial and the Asian Artists Fellowship by the Freeman Foundation through the Vermont Studio Center. His work is in the collections of many Hong Kong institutions, including the Museum of Art, the Heritage Museum, the Philippe Charriol Foundation, and the British Council, and in collections outside Hong Kong at the Queensland Art Gallery in Brisbane, Australia, the Asian Art Museum in San Francisco, and the Ashmolean Museum of Art and Archaeology at the University of Oxford. Shieh was born in 1970 into a family of traders, the third generation of Hong Kong residents in his family. He received his BFA in 1994 and his MFA in 2001, both from the Chinese University of Hong Kong. He is currently exhibiting at the Osage Gallery in Singapore and Hong Kong.

Fung Ming Chip Limited Edition Plates - Set of 4


A boxed set of 4 fine bone china sinner plates by Fung Ming Chip (edition of 50)

Self taught, Fung Ming Chip’s decades-long quest to extend the conceptual field of Chinese calligraphy began initially with his work in the related art of seal-carving. Exploring the visual imagery of the written word, his seal carving often included pictograms of natural elements. While symbolic forms in Fung’s work are often whimsical or even erotic, the artist is serious about expanding the possibility of calligraphy into new areas.

Born in 1951 in Guangdong, Fung Ming Chip benefited from no more than primary school education before  moving to New Jersey in the US wish his family in 1977. Shortly thereafter his life was changed, he claims, when he discovered a hand-scroll by the 11th century calligrapher Mi Fu at the Metropolitan Museum of Art. It convinced him that he had to look at the entire spatial field when he worked and give less emphasis to the formal coherence of the individual ideographic units.

A major retrospective of the artist’s works was held in 1999 at the Taipei Fine Arts Museum and has been the Artist in residence at Jesus College, Cambridge University, committed to revitalizing the calligraphic vocabulary and making it relevant to the modern world. He now lives in Hong Kong. 

He exhibits internationally and his work appears in important collections, private and public worldwide.

Konstantin Bessmertny Limited Edition Dinner Plates - Set of 4


A boxed set of 4 fine bone china sinner plates by Konstantin Bessmertny (edition of 50)

Konstantin Bessmertny is one of the most distinguished artists working in Asia today. His technical mastery, achieved after seven years of studying Fine Art in the grand academies of the former soviet union, combined with his detailed knowledge on a wide-range of subjects including literature, music, history and politics, lend to his work an intelligence and a credibility that is rarely witnessed in contemporary art. Konstantin Bessmertny’s work is utterly unique, employing humor and candour in depictions so subtle and gentle that they require revisiting time and time again to uncover all that they have to offer. Never formulaic or predictable, Bessmertny uses his work as a means of exploring and experimenting with new ideas, finding inspiration in the bizarrest of places and creating work that continues to challenge and excite preconceived notions.

Tsang Kin Wah Limited Edition Plates - Set of 4 - Blue


A boxed set of 4 fine bone china sinner plates by Tsang Kin Wah (edition of 50)

TSANG Kin-Wah (b.1976) was born in China and is a graduate of the Chinese University of Hong Kong and Camberwell College of Arts at the London Institute. Tsang participated in various group exhibitions such as Reversing Horizons (Museum of Contemporary Art Shanghai, Shanghai), You Cannot Clone It, But You Can Buy It (ArtChina Gallery, Hamburg), Art Fair Tokyo 2007 (Tokyo), Good/Bad­ (Museum of Dostoevsky, St. Petersburg), The State of Things (National Museum of Art, Architecture and Design, Oslo), 30x30 (Vertigo Gallery, London), Hong Kong Art Biennial (2001, 2003, 2005), and has been presented in the solo exhibitions Space – Installation Exhibition by TSANG Kin-Wah (Room With A View, Shanghai, 2004)

He is a recipient of the Hong Kong Art Biennial’s 2001 Prize of Excellence, the 2005 Sovereign Asian Art Prize, the 2007 Tokyo TDC Prize and his works are found in key collections worldwide, including the Sovereign Art Foundation, Museum of Design, Zurich, the Camberwell College of Arts, London, the Hong Kong Museum of Art, and the Hong Kong Heritage Museum.

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