From the rough climate of the Mongolian mountains we would like to introduce our beautiful Mongolian shaggy rugs, AKA Flokati shagpile, popular in the swinging 60s are making a huge comeback. Irresistibly soft with a thick pile, our shaggy rugs come in a myriad of colours and sizes, which are backed in handspun silk. These shaggy fur throws will add an edge of luxury to any room and are available in an array of colors and sizes.

Single - 137 cm x 198 cm : HK$ 15,462 (silk backing)

Queen - 270 cm x 225 cm : HK$ 34,628 (silk backing)

King - 270 cm x 260 cm : HK$ 40,014 (silk backing)

To customise your shaggy Mongolian goat fur throw is HK$5,700 per sq. m. with silk backing, please click HERE for an order form.

Shaggy Mongolian Goat Rugs

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