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The magnificent unmistakable signature contrasting stripes of the zebra are a must for any who wish to dazzle and add some exotic drama to the home. Zebra hide rugs come in black and white, as well as brown and white and no two hides will ever look exactly the same, so you really will own something unique.Faux offers Burchell zebras, also known as the Plain zebra or Common zebra for sale. This breed is plentiful in the wild. Zebra hides come in three grades: Grade A (Very little scarring on the pelt); Grade B (highly visible scarring on the pelt); Grade C (Very noticeable scarring, possible holes in sections of the pelt).Faux offers only the finest Grade A Zebra rugs. Burchell Zebras are approximately 8 ft to 10 ft long.If you wish to customise your own zebra hide, please click HERE for an order form.

Zebra Hides

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