The savage tamed, made all the more beautiful with a bold new look that conjures exotic journeys through Africa and Latin America. Grace your home with stunning textures of wildgame hides such as exquisite contrasting stripes of zebra and kudu, and the beautiful, natural tonal variations of springbok, wilderbeest and buckskins. Set an exotic tone in your home with the incredible beauty of Africa. Alternatively, get jungle inspired with wild, contrasting colourful animal prints screened onto beautifully tanned Brazilian hides that can be used to make a plethora of colourful patchwork rugs, ottomans and furnishings. And soften your environment with the luxurious textures of our stunning Peruvian alpaca, calfskin, angora and goatskin rugs that only nature can provide.Set an exotic scene in your home with faux's gorgeous range of wild game hides and rugs from Africa, which make for stunning accent pieces. These rugs offer some of nature's finest colours, tones and textural variations to suit a variety of tastes and styles. faux only works only with accredited game reserves in South Africa and Namibia to acquire the finest hides, which are culled under the strictest guidelines to maintain population control. We will never stock second or third grade animal hides because we have our reputation for providing quality rugs for many years to uphold and are world renowned for our quality, service and expertise.Bi-products : All of our hides and animal skins are made with bi-products, such as population controlled African Wild game. For more pricing and further information please send us your inquiry:Custom Order

Wild Game

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